Sacred Eagle   Piercing Care

After you leave with your new piercing taking care of it is up to you.

 Touching jewelry with dirty hands and oral contact can cause infection.

Abuse of any kind should be avoided during healing. 

Leave jewelry in until the piercing heals unless under the supervision of a professional.


This should not be done more than twice per day.  Once is usually good.  Wash with mild or antibacterial soap.  Gently remove any secreted matter from the jewelry and around the piercing.  A moist Q-tip can be helpful.  Lather the jewelry and move it back and forth a few times while rinsing.  Never force movement of the jewelry.

I find that the more products you use on new piercing, the more the chance of irritation.  If this occurs discontinue use and call us if it doesn't clear up.  You can use hibiclens or betadine for cleaning. 

Never use hibiclens above the neck. 

If signs of infection occur bacitracin may be used.  Limit ointment use to a few days. 

If signs of infection show in a septum piercing, consult a doctor as it can be fatal.  

To accelerate healing a zinc supplement can be helpful.  50mg 3x a day is good.

NEVER USE ALCOHOL OR PEROXIDE on a body piercing!  They dry it out.

If clothing rubs and is irritating a bandage can be used.




Rinse with Listerine or other antiseptic mouthwash.

Do this EVERY TIME you eat, drink, or smoke.

While healing use Gly-Oxide twice a day.

You can find it any drug store or Wal-Mart, usually near the toothpaste.

Do it in the morning and at night just a drop on the top and bottom and swish.

Pain, swelling, and any initial bleeding can be relieved with ice.

Ibuprofen is good for swelling, and ice pops are your best friend.



Be especially careful with these.  Never subject them to heavy abuse while healing.  This can take six months to a year.  On rare occasions a lump may form behind the piercing.  This is sometimes a severe infection or a benign cyst.  If it doesn't go away or is painful see a doctor.  Minor surgery may be required.


This may eliminate a place for the pus and matter to discharge.  Nipples are sensitive, you have to be careful, on occasion they don't heal back to original form.  


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